Wil Wright’s Ice Cream Parlor, Los Angeles

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  1. vicki wheeler Says:

    My sister worked at Will Wright’s Ice Cream Parlor in the early 1950’s. It was located across from RKO studios, owned by Howard Hughes, in L.A., CA. She was discovered there amid the icew cream, and doubled for Jane Russell in the movies (Howard had discovered Jane Russell for the movie “The Outlaws” in 1941.

    • Margie Thomas Says:

      My dad use to deliver ice cream to Will Wrights ice cream parlors. I still have three banana split dishes and three sundae dishes from there. These dishes were given to my dad when they closed.

  2. kathleen steckel Says:

    My father would bring me to will wrights all the time, it was a real authentic Ice Cream Parlor, I still remember those cookies they were so good!!!! My sister Stephanie would get Pistachio all the time I would get Vanilla Bean Ice Cream..That was my favorite. I wish that someone would bring back Will Wrights again!!!!!!

    • I recall Will Wright’s Ice Cream Parlor on Santa Monica Blvd. in L.A. (which is now West Hollywood). They served those macaroons in the waxed paper envelopes which had a drawing of an angel. The whole place and experience was so cool.

      • I remember Wil Wrights and spent many, many times there when I was in school in the 50’s and until it unfortunately went away many years later… we all had so much fun & enjoyed that great ice cream & cookies. It was located at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd & Sweetzer.

  3. Yes! I am so glad to see your mention of Wil Wright’s. Although I moved back east 14 years ago, I will always be an Angeleno at heart (contrary to what snobbish easterners think, we do have hearts), and Wil Wright’s is near the center of it. I’m just writing something about a kid remembering a day when he and his dad (like Kathleen, above) drove up to the Palisades (that’s where I grew up) to get candy at Wil Wright’s. This is an old memory of mine. Do you remember those big jars filled with colored water that stood on the shelves, to make it look like an old-fashioned pharmacy? And of course, the famous macaroons and vanila bean ice cream that Kathleen remembers. (My father was partial to their strawberry water ice.) Anyway, I thought I’d Google Wil Wright’s, and that brought me to your website. Thanks for remembering.

    • Cat Clarkson Says:

      Just finished watching It’s A Bikini World (1967) must see!! with Tommy Kirk and Deborah Walley (Comcast On Demand). It has a few scenes which were shot at Wil Wrights…never been, having lived in Thousand Oaks as a kid around 3 then moved to the Midwest I had to see if there was a actual Wil Wrights…Groovy

    • Mark Bench Says:


      I too grew up in So. California, and when I was old enough to drive, would go to Grauman’s Chinese for a movie with my date, and then to Sunset Strip for Wil Wrights vanilla bean with chocolate flavored whipped cream. I’d also buy their horehound candy sticks. When I went away to college, I took with me a quart of Wil Wrights vanilla bean in dry ice, and I’d keep it in the freezer, eeking out a teaspoon for a while. I recall that it was 32% butter fat ice cream, the richest by test in the USA; it would stick to the roof of my mouth, that wonderful creamy feeling and flavor. It was truly amazing.


      • Nina Alexander Says:

        I remember the Wil Wrights in Hollywood as well as the one in the village, Westwood that is. My favorite flavor was banana and I loved their sundaes and candies and cookies. The parlor was a feast for the eyes. I wish someone would purchase the rights to the name and reopen…please…..

      • I grew up in San Francisco, and one of my favorite memories as a child was flying “South” to either The Beverly Hills Hotel or The Bel Air, but the BEST part of the trip was duh? a trip to Wil Wrights!! I wish I was still 9 years old!!! such fun

  4. Kathy Vasquez Says:

    There was a Wil Wrights in Corona del Mar. Near the corner of Coast Hwy and Dover, across the bridge from Rueben E Lee

    • Cari Hoyt Says:

      Do you have any photos of the Old Wil Wrights on Coast Hwy.
      I am painting a series of old newport, cant find a photo.
      Any ideas?
      Cari Hoyt

    • marjiscott Says:

      July 2010
      That Will Wrights was actually in Newport Beach..CdM was down the road a bit further.. What a neat place. My Mom loved their Fresh Peach Ice Cream.. they don’t make it today anything close to what Will Wrights ..

      • margaret humphreys Says:

        I used to go to the Wil Wright’s in South Pasadena and then the one in Newport Beach when our family moved there. I used to love to buy the rock candy from the jars in the Pasadena store. My mom would buy the sweetest candy jar gifts there for my grammar school teachers. Those were the days, moms appreciated their children’s teachers. I had forgotten about the peach ice cream until you mentioned it. I often ordered that if I wasn’t in the peppermint mood or the hot fudge sundae mood. I always remember the layer of cream that would stick to the roof of my mouth!

  5. Paul Lambert Says:

    Just googled wil wright’s and found this. I was playing Brubeck a la mode – the album (really vinyl) by dave brubeck and was reading the back cover and it said the picture was taken at WW’s.

  6. That’s a great album. Not as good as Time Out, but close :-)

    – Myrtle Brubeck

  7. Does anyone remember Punch ‘n Judy? The bowl-shaped building at Pico and Bundy – wasn’t that a P&J ice cream parlor? Please correct my memory. Thanks, Tom

    • JC Cannon Says:

      The Punch & Judy Parlors occupied the defunct Chili Bowl restaurants which were dotted all over the Los Angeles area. They offered a HUGE sundae they named “The Idiot’s Delight” which contained a scoop of every flavor of ice cream,banana and syrups. I ate one at the Huntington Park location in the late forties. The deal was if you could finish it you didn’t have to pay for it. I paid.

      • I remember going to Punch and Judy’s. I thought there was one around the Los Feliz area, anyone remember? Anyone have photos?

      • Donald E Patman Says:

        Wish I did have photos!

        Wil Wright’s had the best hot fudge I’ve ever tasted!

        Been trying for years to find one as good!

        Have any ideas?


        tobi commented: “I remember going to Punch and Judy’s. I thought there was one around the Los Feliz area, anyone remember? Anyone have photos?”

    • Madeleine Says:

      I’m trying to remember the name of an ice cream shop in the 1950s possibly on a corner of Olympic closer to Santa Monica than Bundy. Anybody remember such a place?

    • Nina Alexander Says:

      No, but do you remember the drive in in Santa Monica on Wilshire, just across the border from WLA…Goody, Goody. Spent many an afternoon there and many cherry cokes.

  8. I was just talking with some girlfriends today about two ice cream parlors I remembered from my childhood. I could not remember the name of either until I found this website. Wil Wright’s with their delicious, “classy” concoctions. Punch ‘n Judy’s with their round buildings, painted walls and off-the-wall names for their concoctions, non of which can I remember. There was one huge sundae that was a dare for anyone to finish. Anyone remember the names of the sundaes? What fun.

    • I remember a Punch n Judy’s on Santa Monica Blvd., near Vermont Ave. They featured a huge sundae, called a “Moron’s Delight” It had bananas topped with about five scoops of ice cream, (maybe more), three or four flavors of syrup, nuts, cherries and whipped cream. I think it was served in a very large bowl. If you finished one, they would give you another one, free, but it had to be eaten that same day. My brother did that, at least once.

      • JC Cannon Says:

        Marge; you’re right…I forgot it was moron’s delight — not idiots delight. And you were offered another free if you finished it rather than not having to pay for it.
        Of course it has been 60 years, memories do get clouded.

      • Jack Murphy Says:

        In the 1940’s there was a Punch and Judy ice cream parlor on the east side of Alvarado north of 3rd street in Los Angeles. (Alvarado and Miramar Street) It served a “Moron’s Ecstasy” which consisted of a quart of ice cream and a pint of topping. As I remember, the one time that I ate one I had the choice of flavors and choice of toppings. The ice cream was very rich and hand packed. I paid for and ate one and was served another for free. I got sick before finishing the second one. Never cared to try another!

        Was this Moron’s Ecstasy the same dish as described above as Moron’s Delight? I don’t remember any bananas in the Ecstasy.

      • M'sieu Tondeleo Says:

        Yes, the Punch & Judy parlors featured creative ice cream dishes that dwarfed the banana split. Top of the list was Moron’s Delight, EIGHT scoops of ice cream with as many toppings. I ate one just once, finished it with the understanding they’d give another one on the house. But I was feeling too urpy and walked out without collecting my free second round. I think they knew they were safe. They didn’t give rain checks. I seem to remember a cartoon mascot resembling Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman.

      • M'sieu Tondeleo Says:

        Several old-timers (?), including you and me, remembers “Moron’s Delight,” but Jack Murphy has it right, “Moron’s Ecstasy.” And my experience was the same as his, too sick to accept the freebie. I’ve got pictures of the first Chili Bowl built by Art Whizzin in 1931, a Punch & Judy’s ice cream parlor, a Moron’s Ecstasy, and a tray of its ingredients…approximately one quart of ice cream plus embellishments! Wish I could post the old photos.

  9. Bob McNeely Says:

    Does anyone know where I can obtain the recipe for Will Wright’s Vanilla Bean?

  10. I wasn’t aware till today that Will Wright who played Ben Weaver on The Andy Griffith show was a biz man too in real life.

  11. Bonnie Wolfensparger Says:

    I loved Wil Wrights. Used to go there with my Daddy in the mid & late 1950’s in Newport Beach. We loved the Chocolate Burnt Almond Sodas with the tiny macaroons on the side. Also went to the one in L.A.(or was it Hollywood?) with HOYT AXTON and Mary Jo Alder to curb the Munchies. (in the ’70’s)

    • Cari Hoyt Says:

      Looking for a photo of Will Wrights in Newport Beach in the 60s or 70s on the corner of Dover in Newport Beach.

  12. karen sullivan Says:

    Does anyone know the recipe for Wil Wright’s Nesselrode Bula ice cream?
    It figures largely in my childhood memories of the site on Sunset Blvd.,
    next to the Rocky & Bullwinkel statue.

  13. William Clarke Says:

    I have had some great ice creams in my life; frozen fruit popsickles in Central Park, Soft cream cones at old POP, Baskin-Robbins, Haagen-Dasz. But nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to Will Wright’s Ice Cream.. I lived in Beverly Hills in the late 1950’s and my biggest treat was going to Will Wright’s on Beverly Drive and Charleville. Beautiful little parlours and ice cream was always served with a macaroon cookie. Absolutely delightful. Pure heaven.

    • Madeleine Says:

      I remember, the BH Wil Wright’s. But what about Blum’s that was on the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Beverly Drive? They had that fabulous caramel scrunch that they would sprinkle on top. To die for!

    • Your right …nothing comes close, maybe Ben and Jerrys ..but not really .I have great memmories of the Beverly Hills store.

  14. Martin Cahill Boyd Says:

    Even though Im originally from Huntington Beach, my aunt & uncle lived in the “the Palisades” & whenever my family & I would go up & visit them, they would always take us to “W W” & Id always have a hot fudge sundae, and they would always give us those little macaroon cookies !!!! Sure do miss the good old dayz—One good thing about moving to the Dallas/Ft Worth-Metro/Plex is the fact that there are alot of townes & cities around here where you can still smoke !!!!

  15. I used to stroll though Westwood with my girlfriend when it was still a sleepy village at night and go by the Sees Candy and the Will Wrights. The quality of the ice cream, hot fudge, even the almonds they used was the best I have ever had. Someone above mentioned the Nesselrode Bula. Mmmmm

  16. Ned Shapiro Says:

    I used to work at the Beverly Hills store on Beverly Dr. and Charleville in 1965-66, my junior and seniors years at UCLA. I eventually became assistant manager. I day played relief at various other locations around LA, including Westwood, the Palisades, the Strip and the Santa Monica Blvd. location, which was also the ice cream factory for the chain. There is a company now marketing Wil Wright’s ice cream which I found while Googling for WW. I told them if they ever decide to open a new parlour, to PLEASE let me know. I can still make everything on the menu. After reading here how so many people have great memories and who would love to see a WW Ice Cream Parlour again, I hope you all will contact them.
    They have a “Contact Us” button on their site. I also asked if they had been contacted by any alumni. Are there any alums out there, like me?

    • I am in touch with a high school friend whose brother worked at the one in Pasadena on Colorado Blvd. between Hudson and El Molino.

    • I’ve lived in LA all my life. Went to many ww stores; but, the BH store was my favorite!
      I have searched for years for that incredible HOT FUDGE. Do you know the receipe? Is it available. Do you know any hot fudge anywhere that is as good?
      Please let me know ASAP.
      Many, Many thanks in advance.

      • Don
        Read all the threads on this forum, there is a way to get pretty close to the original recipe. A fellow named Dennis Lovell claims he bought the rights in 1984 and has the recipe but we’re pretty sure he’s bogus and has not responded on this forum for almost 2 years now. Anyway good luck.

  17. I bought the Wil Wright name and company back in the early 1980’s. I still have the original receipes and need to go and find them. Nesselrode Bula was my favorite and also Liz Taylors. The ingredients included the following. Michaels rum flavoring, dark rum, light rum, water chessnuts, pecans, cherries, vanilla and a little pineapple.I lost my backside trying to redo this company, still have the original ice cream machine used to make this ice cream, still works great. I have all the receipts, hand written by Wil himself. Their was a man with last name of Conally that taught me how to make the ice cream.Mr. Conally was really a nice person.I still want to make this ice cream, it was sooooooogood and it was heavenly.Another flavor was burned almond and was great. Dennis

    • Hey, Dennis;
      Read your story and as a WW afficianado was sorry to hear of your ‘lost backside’ however, if you come across the recipe I have an ice cream maker at home and would love to try the “Nesselrode Bula” recipe. What are you doing now……. in the ice cream business?
      Many Thanks,

    • Dennis, I’ll betcha if you opened again in west hollywood you’d never regret it!!!!

    • Cari Hoyt Says:

      Please contact me about Will Wrights, important.
      Cari Hoyt

    • Ned Shapiro Says:

      Hey Dennis —

      Maybe Ruth (5/10/2010) has an idea. If I knew how, I’d love to create a Wil Wright’s web site to attract alumni and possible investors for opening a new Wil Wright’s. I think I went to your place out in Woodland Hills (?) back in the late 80’s. Bad location, if I remember.

      I promise I remember how to make every dish on the menu. I loved making myself a chocolate shake with nesselrode ice cream!

    • Theda Carpenter Says:

      In the 60’s and early 70’s, my family went to WillWright,s in Newport Beach. We all loved the small cookies and for the last 50 years I have searched for a recipe that I thought would be close—I saw your note and wondered if you happened to have the wonderful little cookie recipe…it was akin to a macaroon—I would love to have this recipe—probably won’t taste the same

    • Dandy Don makes an Ice Cream close to Will Wrights Vanilla Bean. He is a true Ice Cream conniseur. I’d like to suggest that you contact him and discuss working together to bring Will Wrights Ice Cream back.
      Paul Stern

    • Oh,oh…oh! Wow! It’s a revelation! Dennise…please, I must have the CHOCOLATE BURNT ALMOND recepie. I can’t tell you how much I LOVED that flavor! When I was young, A dollar for a pint of ice cream was a lot, but not if it was Will Wright’s. I practically lived at the Santa Monica or Baldwin Hills store buy- ing a cone or a pint. I liked the Vanilla Bean too, but the Choco- late Almond was always my favorite. I can still remember feeling my tongue trying to remove the butter fat from the roof of my mouth. Like another of the readers commented…there just was NO OTHER ICE CREAM. I tried most of them all. None could compete with Will Wright’s. It truly was “HEAVENLY”. clifford.mcdaniel@att.net

    • Dennis,

      Found this and I am compelled to reply.

      When I was at UCLA, before I went to grad school
      at Michigan, I worked for a couple of years at the
      Sherman Oaks Wil Wrights at Ventura and Van Nuys.

      I was the head sundae maker and sometimes they
      asked me to work at the stores in Beverley Hills and

      I would very much like to talk with you,

      I am a partner in web company, so you can email
      me at scott@pearleye.com.

      • Scott
        We’re not sure a Dennis exists based on no replies from him for a long time and as much sleuthing as we could do to back up his information.
        Good luck though, hope you find him.

  18. My absolute Wil Wrights favorite was Nesselrode Bula. It had tropical flavors, nuts, and hints of rum. There was probably a pound of cream and butter in every scoop.
    Hey Dennis ! I would really love to have this recipe to make at home. If there is no hope to rebuild the company, at least would you share some of the recipes before we all die? It would be a taste of heaven on earth!

    • Dan, I wrote on this site several months ago, and haven’t been back to site in a long time. I actually sold off the name in 1988, but was never paid for it. Part of life. I will have to find old receipes. Here is the basic receipe for Nessorode Bula, my favorite. First you have to buy water chestnuts, (puree) Light rum, dark rum . Michaels’ rum extract, pecans , cherrys,pineapple,(fresh or candied) pure vanilla extract. The water chestnuts, pecans,pineapple, cherries, and pecans must be puree together. This is the bacsic ingredients. Your must use a egg base 18% butter fat cream base. Haggan Das is like a 16% base and the old receipe for Wil Wrights was about 20%. The old receitps was for 50 gallons of product , so I will have to find the exact percentages of each, but this will make a great Wil Wright Nessorode Bula. Dennis

      • Thanks much Dennis. When you find the percentages or even the amounts used for 50 gal. please post them for us if you would.
        Hell, I may just make the 50 gallons and throw the doors open! It’s been soo long.
        If you also have the recipe for the macaroons, that would be the topper.


    • Theda Carpenter Says:

      I only want the cookie recipe—–Please —an answered prayer if you could share this coveted cookie receipt……..thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scott Jackson Says:


      This is from Scott.

      There was no way to reply from your response to my post
      to Dennis. If he never responds, he doesn’t exist.


      The only things about ice cream, unless you make
      your own, as Deborah and I do each summer with Lavander
      ice cream, is McConnells from Santa Barbarga. CA. They
      call what everyone dreams about : Russian Nesselrode

      We can’t get it here in LA, but we are trying.

      I worked there in the early sixties and actually met
      Bonita Granville, one of the owners.

      All the best.

  19. Sandra Conrad Says:

    I remember going to Will Wrights in 1948 in Westwood. I always ordered the peppermint stick ice cream. It was served in a little metal dish with a saltine cracker. I was ten years old and I think I went every week for about a year…

    Too bad the kids of today will only know ice cream in a paper cup. Not the same at all….Sandy

  20. No word yet about opening a new store? There is a ‘wilwrights.com’ page on the web. Is that yours Dennis? A bit confusing if you say you own the name.

    I found a recipe for nesselrode ice cream and plan to try it out. Substitute rums for the brandy as well as some of the ingredients Dennis mentioned. Better than nothing at this point.


    Now for the macaroons….

  21. Wow, first time I looked at this web page since I posted my tell of Wil Wright’s Ice Cream. I bought the name and receipts in 1984 in a resturant in Palms Springs Calf. I never protected the name or anything to do with Wil Wrights. That was 26 years ago, and I’m sure everyone in the World claims to own it by now. I still have all hand written receipts and occocasional make some of the ice cream. I was watching Andy Griffitt show this am and their was old Wil Wright, the cranky old Ben, th e owner of the department store. I use to talk to Don Knotts in the 1990’s at Mirrabellas resturant in West Holloywood about Wil Wright’s Ice cream, he told lots of tails. I loved Wil Wrights’ and would love share things with anyone. Dennis

    • Dennis

      You need to share that Nesselrode Bula recipe.
      Not doing anyone any good sitting on it.
      I keep dreaming of that rich ice cream cone with a fragrance of fruits and rums.

      • The “real” Wil Wright once called me into his office for leaving the cash register fund in the desk drawer instead of putting it in the floor safe.
        According to the menu (which I’m looking at), Nesselrode Bula (Piece de Resistance of Ice creams) ($2.75/quart) is made with imported marrons (chestnuts), assortee fruits, Jamaican run, and fine old brandy.

  22. Sid Packer Says:

    I used to work at Wil Wright’s in the 60’s. Mainly the one on Santa Monica Blvd. and Harper. I also worked at the Beverly Hills, Crenshaw, Sunset Blvd and Westwood stores as a “relief manager” I was making $1.65/hour and loved every minute of it. I even still have one of their menus. Banana split was the most expensive item at $1.25. They also made their own candy, and the Santa Monica Blvd. location was the location of the factory, too. Anyone remember Nesslerode Bula ice cream? If anyone reading this also worked there in the 60’s, please contact me. Why? why not.

    • Ned Shapiro Says:

      Hey Sid —
      Scroll up and check out my Wil Wright’s “resume” which I posted in Nov. 2009. I wish there was a Wil Wright’s alumni association.

  23. My family moved to LA in 1945. My sister and I would look forward to our parents taking us to the BH store and, while memories of the ice cream specifics are vague, I’ll always recall those delicious macaroons in their paper jackets. I think we all remember fondly the days of our youth with a wistfulness for that long-ago time. Wouldn’t it be nice to once more be able to sit-down before these delightful treats and watch the world go by without a care?

  24. M'sieu Tondeleo Says:

    Our Wil Wright’s was in Westwood when I attended UCLA. It’s the only parlor in my lifetime with ice cream so rich it coated the hard palate. The premier flavor was Nesslerode, based on a 19th century pudding invented by Russian Count Nesslerode using ingredients brought by caravan from all over Europe and Asia. WW’s contained candied fruits, nuts, and loads of real rum & brandy. Two dishes of that flavor and you reeled out of the dandy little ice cream parlor!

    • M'sieu Tondeleo Says:

      Reply to my own comment: I’ve added a little more info re Nesslerode Bula, but sorry, should’ve read all other comments to avoid redundancy. I forgot 2 most important items, “Bula” in the name, and Count Nesslerode’s most essential & distinguishing ingredient, chestnuts. My Wil Wright’s experience was in the 1950s, but I’m sure I remember regular chestnuts (not water chestnuts) and definitely more than a “hint” of rum.

  25. Tony Miller Says:

    I, too, worked at WW’s — I think in the summer of ’59. Mainly at the Palisades store, but also occasionally at the Santa Monica and Westwood locations. My grandmom was the office manager, and my uncle worked at the Westwood store while he was at UCLA. Great place, much missed!

  26. I worked at Wil Wrights in Sherman Oaks in Summer 1972 after having worked at Farrells for the previous year while graduating high school. The quality of the ice cream and service was just 1000% percent better and different. In fact, at Farrells, ice cream was usually left on the plates when we cleared them. At Wil Wrights, I’d personally take home a quart of butter pecan and a quart of raspberry sorbet and eat them one spoon of one and then a spoon of the other while watching old movies on TV – it was a great era when Channel 9 or 11 would run Ingmar Bergman movies and other classic films late at night. Probably one of the best summers of my life. We would hand mix the whip cream (not blow it from a can) and sometimes it would turn to butter and we’d have to throw it out and make another batch – then we’d spoon it on top of the sundae. We’d make the raspberry shake with real raspberries and real ice cream in a blender – not a fosters machine. John Cassavettes used to come in with his wife Gina Rowlands and ask for that shake to be blended super-thick – I had always like the raspberry shake myself as a customer and I developed something of a relationship with him for following his orders (I’d only run the blender a few seconds). Later I saw that Sherman Oaks Wil Wrights in a movie – can’t remember which one.

  27. Pat Alexander Says:

    Did anyone work at Will Wrights in Westwood in the early 50’s and know Peter Brown? Any memories of working with him or being waited on by him?

  28. Susan Quinn Says:

    It’s 2am and suddenly I just wanted some Nesselrode Bula ice cream. I went to the one on Sunset in the 60’s and then in around 1993 there was one again in Tarzana. Years ago I waitressed at the original Brown Derby and the original Lowrey’s. Wonderful memories of living above the “Strip” and later in Venice in the 60’s. Went to poetry readings in Venice back in the “Beatnik Days” Went to the Trocadero to hear June Christy in the 50’s. What a great time to be young.

  29. Those were indeed halcyon days. Just being alive, in love, with friends and hanging on the strip; add the Whiskey a GoGo where you went to be seen with all the others that went there to be seen and was always too crowded.
    Good TV, radio and music. Life was good and much better than we realized.

  30. Julie Little Says:

    Does anyone have the recipe for Nesselrode Bula Ice Cream? My dad used to take me to the Westwood location of Wil Wrights when I was a kid. I loved that ice cream. I would love to try and re-create it at home.

    • Julie – read the previous posts. Dennis so far won’t share the recipe but I found a site that has a recipe that comes close

    • And Julie, let us know how it turns out. I bought most of the ingredients but haven’t tried it yet. Chestnut puree is available on line or in specialty stores.

  31. Julie Little Says:

    Thanks, I will. By the way, I found chestnut puree at Whole Foods.

    • Great – See Dennis -dwlowell – post on 13 Aug 2010 above. He essentially tells us the ingredients but not the exact recipe. With that and the website I posted, one can probably come pretty close I think. He also uses water chestnuts as puree which one would have to make from scratch as he states.

  32. Julie Little Says:

    Can you tell me, did Nesselrode Bula have raisins in it? My dad seems to remember raisins. I don’t remember pecans though. Any info would be great. Thanks

    • Sid Packer Says:

      I have an original menu I “borrowed” when I worked there in the 60’s – I will look when I get home and enter the exact description as printed on the menu.

      • This is word for word off the Wil Wright’s menu dated 6/66:

        Nellelrode Bula – “Piece de Resistance of Ice Creams” – Dish 45 Cents Half Pint 75 Cents Pint $1.40 Quart $2.75 Cones 5 Cents per Scoop Extra – Made with imported marrons (chestnuts), assorted fruits, Jamaican rum, and fine old brandy.

      • I remember when I was relief manager at the Santa Monica Blvd. store (where the plant was) and there was a guy named “Ivy” that let me drink some of the rum he was using to make the Nesselrode Bula

  33. Maybe quite premature but suggest we plan a tasting party for us Wil Wrights fans…?
    Julie if you decide you need anything, let some of us know.

  34. Check out the sister Wil Wrights web site (started for the macaroons) here


  35. Julie Little Says:


  36. Julie Little Says:

    Thanks a bunch Sid! So I guess, no raisins?

    • Sid packer Says:

      I don’t think there were raisins. And Wil Wright’s did not have a rum raisin ice cream unless, maybe, it was a flavor of the month.

    • Sid packer Says:

      Wait – it did say “assorted fruits” – raisins included? That was 45 years ago, so I’m allowed to not remember everything.

  37. I don’t understand Dennis’ use of water chestnuts. Anyone remember tasting water chestnuts?… unless it was for crunchiness..? hmmmmm Dennis…..is that for real?

  38. Tony Miller Says:

    About Nesselrode Bula:

    I don’t remember raisins among the ingredients. There was something a little crunchy; could have been pecans. Chestnut puree, no doubt, and I think the substitution of water chestnuts would make no sense at all.

    Good luck in replicating the recipe!

  39. Julie Little Says:

    To Dennis, or to anyone who knows the answer,
    Was Nesselrode Bula made with eggs, like a custard ice cream or without?
    Thanks in advance

  40. Not sure we can rely on Dennis anymore, he hasn’t tuned in for almost a year, and his water chestnuts ingredient seems just plain wrong, so I think we’re all on our own to reverse engineer the Bula. The cuisine.com site (above) uses eggs and I’ve seen a Nesselrode custard recipe that does the same.
    Would be nice to verify the real Dennis to see if he is or was for real or..

  41. Is there anywhere that Wil Wright’s ice cream can be purchased? Their website says it’s available in supermarkets, but not which ones, and any emails sent to the company come back as undeliverable. A number of us on the “You know you’re from Beverly Hills” Facebook page are dying for Wil Wrights – and in paricular, the Vanilla Bean flavor.

    • Annette – many of us have looked everywhere and that thread is old and no longer valid we think. No one is carrying the Wil Wright’s brand.
      Dennis, if he really existed for real, is no longer responding on this site. See the threads on this site where people are attempting to recreate some of the recipes from various bits of information. I think they are getting close.

      • There is a Dennis Lovell who is the the CEO of something called Sooo Good International, and it kind of makes sense that they might have bought the rights to the name and/or the recipes. However, it’s not exactly like they are on the Fortune 500 list. The thing that’s wierd is that on the website, they have the I Love Lucy packaging, which I kind of thought tied in with Lucille Ball’s birthday or whatever it twas. Guess I was wrong. I do, at least, have the macaroon recipe. Poor subsitute, but it’s something.

  42. Those macaroons…..to die for. Not only were they great but it gave your order that special touch you don’t see today.

    Who knows ,Dennis may be cooking up something new, some people were asking to talk to him in private at the start.


    • Took a look at SOGD – SooooGood, not exactly Fortune 500 is right. As of 2007 they were under investigation. After that, there is no information. Not sure Dennis is one that a person wants to do business with.
      Too bad, that ice cream was the best.

  43. What about Tom Crumplers Spoony malts??


  44. I worked for Will Wrights in the early 70’s to the end of the last one in Newport Beach, I was there the last day when it was torn down to make way for the new bridge. I waited on Barbara Walters when she interviewed John Wayne at this house across the street from the store, in that exclusive development.

    During the time I worked for Will Wrights it was owned by International Industries (the old IHOP restaurants, and by Coronet Foods in Los Angeles) in the mid 70’s the stores were closed one by one I had the sad task of closing each store, Pasadena (where a Christmas episode of ABC’s Family was filmed was filmed, Westwood Village, Beverly Hills store, Tarzana (looked like a little doll house set back from the street) Van Nuys (the above picture on this site was taken there) then Santa Monica Blvd (West Hollywood and the factory where the Hot Fudge and Butterscotch, along with the Ice Cream was made) and then the last one in the latter part of the 70’s Newport Beach. I still have Will Wrights coffee mugs from the old International Industries days along with a few of those wire chairs and a marble table. I first started with Will Wrights when II was starting a new concept Will Wrights America in Huntington Beach.

  45. Susan Quinn Says:

    Will Wrights opened a few stores in 1992 or 1993. I went to one on Ventura in a not so great strip center in Tarzana. The ice cream was excellent, but the location was unfortunate. It was not the upscale ice cream parlour that it had been before–but as I said the nesselrode bula was excellent there. Don’t remember if it still served macaroons.

  46. Grew up in Pacific Palisades California with Will Wrights Ice Cream Parlor right accross the street from my grammar school! The bus stop on Sunset was right in front-so convenient! Loved their Ice Cream with the wafer cookie the old fashioned parlor look along with the candy! Miss it sooooo….please come back!

  47. My memories are of the Palm Springs location. Walking in from the 100+ degrees to that cool interior with the little marble tables, wire chairs – to this day I can see the little macroons and when one of these posts mentioned the rasberry sorbet I could SEE it in my mind’s eye – and taste it – 45 years later….

    • Donald E Patman Says:

      Hi Brian,

      Do you or anyone know an equal to Wil Wright’s Hot Fudge?


      PS So far, the recipe is unavailable!


      Subject: [New comment] Wil Wright’s Ice Cream Parlor, Los Angeles

      Brian commented: “My memories are of the Palm Springs location. Walking in from the 100+ degrees to that cool interior with the little marble tables, wire chairs – to this day I can see the little macroons and when one of these posts mentioned the rasberry sorbet I could “

  48. does anybody know where to buy this ice ceam if possible?

  49. Bill McKinley Says:

    I remember the Punch & Judy on La Brea one block north of Melrose on the N/W corner, around 1946-48. Lived on Formosa two blocks away. Didn’t go there much as I didn’t have the money. When I did go enjoyed the treats. To be young again.

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